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    This HBO TV drama (which premiered on May 20, 2017) chronicles the infamous Wall Street meltdown of financier Bernie Madoff’s $64 billion dollar Ponzi scheme, perhaps the largest financial fraud in US history. Read my entire review at:
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  • I wrote a memoir titled, "The Truth About Whales" and published on Lulu. Honestly, I haven't really tried the query letters and the agent search -- not seriously. I h...
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    I thought I'd share the useful links I've come across and ask everyone else to do the same.These aren't in any particular order or grouping, and cover a wide variety o...
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  • Colleen Green posted a status
    By day, I write technical reports and proposals for my firm on the glamorous topic of US foreign assistance, financial inclusion, economic growth, poverty reduction an...
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    My new fiction novel “End of Endurance” is officially available on Amazon (Kindle edition and paperback edition) The novel delves into Zoe’s emotional ride through th...
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    Consumer Reports has been tracking Black Friday deals for years, and we know all the tricks! See the following link:


  • I think it all comes down to money. What do people want to put their money behind? Women are still a niche group, a "special interest" group, therefore a financial ris...
  • After having been published by traditional publishers for academic books,  I chose self-publishing for my self-help book because I didn't want to spend energy convinci...
  • Thanks, Kamy for explaining all of this so thoroughly, especially the financial aspects. Now I feel like we can all really evaluate our options with real knowledge.