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    ...nally, you must also follow the size chart if you are to come up with the perfect fit for a young Muslimah. Almost every abaya will come in loose-fitting that can be adjusted to becom...
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    ...d more active members here on She Writes. Since quite a few of my works belong in the horror / suspense / mystery genres, I thought it would be a fitting way to meet other writers who...
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  • Started by Evolet Yvaine
    ...overcome/learn/put aside something, and I was trying to put it in sentence form like the Story examples in the book, but I was having a hard time fitting all that in.   I think my pre...
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    ...Such peaceful, domestic scenes as the sandwich-making contrast with more difficult family issues, and with Lee's inner turmoil over identity and fitting in. She is fascinated by the...


  • ...nal editor and cover designer so my book is up to snuff. The downside, of course, is that those costs are on me. But, I don't have to worry about fitting neatly into any single genre,...
  • ...lly have to live through after my book launched.  It occurred to me, however, as I drove out of the parking lot with a smile, that it was so very fitting that my first recognition as...
  • ...tory and I hope it can help someone else struggling like I did. (There is also a love story going on :) in my book…, so the heart on the cover is fitting in many ways…)