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  • Very well put! I am an erotic and romance author, though it loathes me to have to separate that. However my novel Assassin's Call was IR paranomal romance that had a g...
  • Mercedes: the only reason I could even afford a Macbook Air this year was getting a bonus from my day-job. :) I was coveting my friend's Mac Powerbook Pro but the pric...
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    Dear agent, I'm seeking representation for my paranormal romance, The Eighth Gate.  It is complete at 100,000 words.   Being possessed by a demon that devours souls th...
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    Bonus #FoodFic for Hallows' Eve Eve:
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    I’m having a Summer Romance Book Giveaway, plus 5 bonus prizes. This new book has romance and mystery and will hopefully keep you guessing until the end. Stop by and visit at
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    Every season deserves a little romance. I’m having a Book Release Party at my blog. There will be a Book Giveaway, plus 5 bonus prizes. This new series is Historical R...


  • When I first set up my blog, I tried to blog every day. But that cut in too much to my "real" writing (fiction). Then I only posted when I felt like it. That made my b...
  • Brooke, I so feel the pain in regards to the social media expectations and the time it consumes to do so. A couple of members in my local writer's group wear their IPh...
  • Thanks. I too find my best inspiration after time away in the natural world. Hiking is part of my writing process. I love Alaska, so the pictures are a lovely bonus!