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  • Started by celia sennon the corridors of my life. Every day I see life unfold in many different ways- the sun rise, sun set, change in seasons, the wind, the wild flowers, and different people from al...
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  • ...w my toddler—who is growing up with three different cultures and native languages—will feel about this one day. What I like about the “Bouquet of Flowers” is that it acknowledges and...
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    ...Bouquet." In the bouquet, each flower has its own shape, size, scent, and color. Each is honored for its beauty. But then I put these different flowers on a bed of green leaves (Our...
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    Top flowers and plants are perfect gifts for eco men
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  • ...he skin of the characters. I want to walk beside them, smell the musty odors of the forest litter, and admire the golden halos forming around the flowers in the meadow. My novels are...
  • ...he sweltering heat, stopping to observe humanity's traffic, or close one's eyes to listen to the sounds of birds. I like to gaze upon the vase of flowers I try to keep on my desk. The...
  • ...nitiely brings us together, I agree! And you already got my book, I do hope you will like it! Thank you for your kind words and for the beautiful flowers! How did you know I especiall...