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  • I love Scrivener - great for large manuscripts, especially if you tend to move scenes...ith lots of research material & multimedia. I also enjoy the "full screen" mode - helps me stay focused. Enj...
  • ” I loved the book, mostly because it is filled with writing exercises inspired by sp...remember
 them. Expressing and listening to one’s own life story is an ancient mode of healing. How do we learn t...
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  • Started by Kate S.
    I'm taking the LSAT in September and have been preparing like mad all summer. As a writing major, I've been more focused on the Logic Games and Reasoning sections of t...
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  • MsTiptress A posted a status
    It's a new year. And this year I will remain focused.
  • Hallie Sawyer posted a reply
    Hi Carolyn. I used to review books on my blog but my platform has changed. It's more wellness focused these days. But thank you for the nice words. Good luck to you with your book! What is it about?
  • Donna Matthews posted a status
    Thank you for allowing me to be part of this wonderful group. I've just started writing in the last couple of years and have intensified this year. I have mostly focused on my blog but now I'd like to spread my wings and explore fiction. I have a dream to eventually write a book.


  • I start the week out with list too -- and post it right next to my computer workspace.  Every week gets a new list and I try very hard to make it focused and do-able s...
  • Hi @Rossandra, Book Baby is an epublishing service, so it's a completely different model. They take your files and co...basically following a pretty traditional publishing model. I admire what Book Baby is...
  • Your post is extremely helpful, Stephanie. It's focused, and to the point, and gives the platform question an entirely new (and now more understandable) I can grasp and one I feel is accessible. Thank you very much.