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  • I like that story too, Sarah - "local" can have so many interpretations, and where the signs are placed often adds to the confusion. I feel like Whole Foods does a pretty good job, at least out here (but I suspect chain-wide).
  • I had some of that before but the advice I got from a few other people was to cut it to clean it up a little. I never know what to do because every agent has a differe...
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    Over the past years, it has become a trend to work out so that one can have a healthy body and, at the same time, achieve that ideal body shape. It would be best if yo...
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    What foods might a princess discover when she leaves the palace? #FoodFic
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    The Wideners were a ridiculously wealthy first-class couple who make an appearance in my novel Sheltering Angel. Read about them in my recent post.


  • When we moved out of the country, we sold the house we had lived in for over 40 years, with its 40 year old organic garden. We had grown vegetables, herbs, vines trees...
  • Love this quote: If you’re serious about becoming a wealthy, powerful, sophisticated, healthy, influential, cultured, and unique individual, keep a journal. ~ Jim Rohn
  • This is hilarious. I, too, like to eat almond butter, and I well remember the day I went into Whole Foods with almond butter on my list and saw that $19.99 price tag....