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    ...the way, I self published Growing Home through Create Space on Amazon about 4 years ago. That's a fable and now I'm writing a workbook. I tried forming a writers group in my local a...
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  • Leti, Did you ever have any takers? Your blurb is good. It explains the relationship that's forming, gives us some tension, and tells us what the overall situation is in the book. I would be happy to give it a "read-n-review" if you're still interested. Best, Tiffany Lyn
  • Started by Leah J. Hans
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    ...use, even after the warnings of not going in from the dreary townsfolk... Haven't we all read description that''s so vivid that cold sweat starts forming on the nape of our necks; tha...
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  • than step into the skin of the characters. I want to walk beside them, smell the musty odors of the forest litter, and admire the golden halos forming around the flowers in the mea...
  • ...y manuscript, no takers. I hung in there. I wasn't going to give up.  Agent #120 signed me! Woo hoo! But, she couldn't sell my book. She ended up forming her own publishing company wi...
  • see someone I follow on Twitter mention their agent. Okay. One more time!  I queried, she signed me. Then, couldn't sell my book! She ended up forming her own publishing company wi...