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    ...eness. And if you’re operating a franchise business then you’ll have to...mind that when you own and run a franchise, you compete with thousands o...channels. However promoting a franchise in these conventional modes o...arch on Google or Bing for local franchisees. 1. Ensure you’re usin...
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  • I'll say the names of the most talented and kindest folks for whom I've worked: J.J. ABRAMS ("Lost," "Fringe," and the Star Trek Movie franchise) AND ALAN BALL ("Six Feet Under" and "True Blood" creator.  And that's all I'll name for now.  :)
  • ...gorgeous, slick publication full of excellent information. My foodie friends and I look forward to each quarterly issue. It does appear to be a franchise. From the Edible Austin websi...


  • ...I read books with both girl and boy protagonists, boys would rather die than read the Ramona books or even "A Wrinkle in Time." The Harry Potter franchise would have foundered or been...