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      Julie Smolyansky slept little during her first few years...cting as a distributor and importer at that point, delivering food to Russian-populated...After moving in the middle of my graduate program to live with my dad, I dropped out an...
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    • Started by Jenny Steffan
      In the world of skincare and beauty, there's one thing that's always on-trend – a...dants and peptides. These ingredients help fight off free radicals and promote collagen...cater to eco-conscious consumers, providing a guilt-free...
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    • Started by Jenny Steffan
      ...leading force in enhancing women's lives. From its inception in 1985...ealth through every stage of their lives. A Holistic Approach to W...of personal care products that are free from harmful chemicals and ad...eed to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. With its impressive track r...
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      The goose is getting fat, so if you're looking for holiday gifts, how about a book signed by the author with a personal note to the recipient? Books will be discounted Dec. 1-9 (plus tax) and free...
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      Hook: The line that makes you stop and read… God Does Not Live on Earth Story: The why am I writing you…...-being. Partner With Anthony for the Marketing portion of me (Click for Free eBook)…I am no Marketer, but...
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      Visit My Visionary Blog for Revelation go to For Christian Women's or Fellowship Conference Services contact me at To view my services go to or contact me on Facebook Group Heaven Sent Healing Music, Art and Dance


    • ...eep in mind that many numerous persons who live in rural Asia and The african...g a low-fat, use of plant diet and the are free of acne their entire lives. Cooking with Extra fat For...oats, and fermented milk like kefir or fat free yogurt can most help stop and...
    • M Formissus: Thanks for reading and commenting. You never know what might interest publishers and agents—and also there’s a big, wide world of publishing out there in which you are absolutely free...
    • Loved this article. Thank you Bella. This was informative and came as a relief because I have long listened to how publishers are not interested in material that is already out there in a free...