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    An interview with me about my Sir Julius Vogel Nominations, my current works in progress and the launch of SpecFicNZ was broadcast Saturday, August 7th between 11:00 am- 12 on Women on Air, Plains FM, 96.9 out of Christchurch, New Zealand. Here's a link to the free podcast of the interview.
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  • Well, since precious few of us make money off of books anyway, the work being "out there for free" is less of an issue than whether it counts as previously-published o...
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    Hello friends,Read this awesome article, "How to give your stories great openings and endings" by Dan Coxon and since I could not resist, read my thoughts as a review...
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    “Fiction is the art form of human yearning.” – Robert Olen Butler “We are living...Chief?) – does little to quell its effect on my psyche. I’m in fight-or-flight mode all the time, feeling angry a...
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    Book Giveaway: Mark Miller has a great post on his blog for a Historical Mystery/Adventure Romance series filled with adventure, mystery, intrigue, & romance! Insp...
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    Hi everyone stopping by to tell you about a great New Website titled Open Screen Play Writers. If you want your work to be seen for Free come and see what is all about. Don't forget to read my New ScreenPlay Land of Dreams Screen Play Writer Migdalia Torres


  • I'm working on a memoir and every time I thought of putting together an outline, I wan...but I savor every minute of it. But I'm all about trying to break our cultural mode of "gotta hurry up." I haven'...
  • Yeeeees, thank you for sharing! You state things so clearly that I can really nod too,...t my instincts as a paid writer (which have been set to "panic and desperation mode" for a few months) have been...
  • You were right to react with surprise at those figures about amazon's market share ... they're just plain wrong. ("70% of all books are sold by Amazon; most of the res...