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  • Congratulations, Kathleen! I'd be thrilled if my book were anywhere in the single digits.I will download it right now. My book, Living by Ear is contemporary women's...
  • Hi, I just thought I'd report back following my free promo. It didn't go nearly as well as I'd hoped for. Last time I got 7000 downloads after doing virtually no promo...
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    Hi All, Sara suggested I put this question to the group.  Like many of you, apparentl...s, "Santa, Won't You Bring Me a Valentine?"   It's kind of in the "santa baby" mode. Wouldn't you know it - it ac...
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  • Aimee Liu posted a status
    “Fiction is the art form of human yearning.” – Robert Olen Butler “We are living...Chief?) – does little to quell its effect on my psyche. I’m in fight-or-flight mode all the time, feeling angry a...
  • Patricia C Akosah posted a status
    I like to write blogs on subjects that I want to write about. I don't put myself in one category as I am a free spirit that follows her bliss, whatever that might be.
  • Linda Weaver Clarke posted a status
    We’re celebrating a Book Release for Regina Andrews’ new book: IN GOOD FAITH. She will be having a giveaway of two free ebooks to three readers who comment on this del...


  • We'll see what happens when I have my next free promotion on the 12th and 13th May for Survival Tips for the Suddenly Single!
  • I'm SO glad you wrote about the difficulties we writers face when we're in our promotion mode. And it's also great to hear...
  • This resonated with me completely, Cindy!  In order to "be a real writer," I had to month!) or whatever the latest request was.  Now that I'm in full promotion mode with my first novel, I've eve...