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  • Started by Jenny Steffan don’t need to deal with the hassle of offline stores as the online ones are serving you with listed outcomes. Take a look: - Shop with freedom: Most the Black Friday coupo...
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  • ...iting is a form of therapy for me). Only recently, after loosing my mom, I make a life changing decision and have taken some steps to obtain the freedom of becoming a writer and leav...
  • Started by Elisabeth Zguta
    Last reply by Jane B. Moore everyone. I am currently writing THE DREAMER a historical fiction story of a boy, Ivan, from Ukraine during WWII and his family's journey to freedom. What are you writing?
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  • Timika Chambers posted a status
    Why settle for illusions when I can have the truth. Make this life great! Timika
  • Elisabeth Zguta posted a status
    ...istorical fiction - my newest book DREAMER is about a Ukrainian boy living in wartime Galicia, as he flees with his family in the hope of finding freedom. Grab a copy or contact me...
  • Traci Granston Barthel posted a status
    Writing a nonfiction book about my brutal, unfair path to my freedom.


  • ..., because I sort of feel like a new person and that gives me a type of freedom to write what I would not wri...n.. For me, as soon as I write under another name, I feel a certain freedom; it's like stepping out of m...
  • ...sS4NwV Best wordpress page builder WordPress is the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system.its an online freedom source website creation tool...
  • And don't forget, Barbara, you can always give yourself the freedom to write what you really want first, and then think about marketability later when you're editing!