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  • I'm still trying to figure this out. I wrote my first unfinished novel one Lent. I woke up every morning at 5:00 and got 217 pages done in 40 days. But I can't do this...
  • Okay- here it is with some details shaved. What else to cut? Thank you so much for the help. - B.    AARON BUCKWEILER is the kid with a weak heart. It’s stopped him fr...
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    In the Limelight with... D.A. Serra     PRIMAL       Welcome and thanks for being par...ter skiing in New Zealand, dog-sledding along the Canadian border, seen the Kermode Spirit Bear in situ in Britis...
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    NEED AN IDEA FOR YOUR NEXT NOVEL? Your book has been published, the publicity links have been made, and royalties are beginning to arrive as you breath...


  • Maggie, do you get snow in your winter? Is there enough for skiing?
  • My first experience in skiing was in Iceland. I do understand why you are so keen on it. But yes, you admitted right it's easy to get injuries in it.