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  • I haven't seen any activity in this group for some time. Shouldn't it close down?
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  • We had known each other for years before we married but I had not known of the term “High functioning Autism”. Our separation to work on issues took us to the care of...
  • By RYCJ
    "Discipline and sacrifice always pays off in the end." Though, I did read not too long ago that the older we get, the less sleep is needed. I can't imagine functioning on this little sleep when I cherished sleeping.


  • Malini Rai posted a status
    My maiden book-Flotsam of the Mind, a collection of my poems ( made it to the Bes...


  • rrr
    What a ride! Hope you have a fully functioning computer now (although everything seems to have worked out - yay friends!) and I look forward to meeting you at Third Place on Wednesday!
  • I knew that your name was familiar--it comes up in my CodePink e-mails. I am (I hope) getting out of another cycle of depression and I can't do that if I'm not working...
  • More deep and wonderful writing on your deep and wonderful family. I went to see this remarkable film with a friend of mine who's autistic, and his parents, and one of...