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    ...e (an ill-fitting role at best) while somehow managing to nurture her passion, Mad Dog Gallery, into one of the Pacific Northwest’s most notable galleries. The casualty in all of this:...
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    ...ow to the ground students would climb up on the roofs to sun themselves in the summer.  And the Short North was nothing.  Today, between the art galleries and fancy restaurants and bou...
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  • Started by Vica Miller
    ...Vica Miller Literary Salons were launched in the spring of 2009 and have evolved into a respected literary event hosted by major New York City galleries. Simon Van Booy said, "Vica M...
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  • Okay. A painter friend had an assignment in graduate school. She had to get fifteen turn downs from galleries. The first seven wanted to show her work. She trooped back, delighted, to...
  •, got an assignment from her teacher at art school:she had to go to galleries and get ten rejections. She came back to class thrilled: the first four galleries she asked wanted to show her...
  • Hello All ~ Up until recently, my Twitter account has been a way to share my artwork as I upload it to my various online galleries. However, I began a book project recently and now am...