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    Local Savannah writers who would like to chat on line or, even better, chat in person and...
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    Talk, Chat, Vent.. Whatever it is. Here is the place to do it.
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    Roblox world is inhabited by many spooky horror sports irrespecti...In other words, there...
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      Promo codes or coupons have certainly been one of the things that a lot o...code that a lot of people, especially gamers have been buying it? able to get more items or buy more games. You want to make sure that...ou will be able to keep updated on the game...
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      Any football lover will tell you there is nothing that beats live football streams. Add...stening to friends and family talking about football games. The good thing about the Making associations American football is a game...
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    • Started by Jenny Steffan
      Basketball is a team sport played between two teams. Typically, e...players, and the object of the game is to shoot the basketball th...s between different basketball games. If you're interested in try...or a quick tutorial on how the game is played, or want to learn m...y to remember the rules of the game...
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    • Reader's Choice posted a status
      Your Next Big Idea: Improve Your Creativity and Problem-Solving by Samuel Sanders Fea...gement in your organization to come up with the next game-changing idea to hit the churn out 100s of ideas a week. I found the mind-game...
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      Marcia Clarke posted a status
      Daily Talk Johnathan: Hi Sealy great day out in the park. I thought it would be m...say we take a walk together and sit on the bench further down so we could chit chat. Sealy: I would love it! A...
    • Carolyn Robinson posted a reply
      When and where is the retreat? That sounds like something I would love to go to...even though I don't know anyone! I'd love to sit and chat with you!


    • Great tips, here. I've ventured into (first draft :P ) a soft mystery so this is really helpful. Of course, I've read many mysteries but writing them is a whole other ball game. Thanks, Linda! Your books sound amazing. I'll be checking those out!!
    • @Alonna Well said! And, yes I would love to hear from agents as well to see how this sits with them! Getting out of our houses and into the world to chat and collaborate makes a huge difference in my life for sure!
    • Well, you see Karoline, that's the problem, so many people actually believed the absurd lies like that. If you loo...gedy. And he is such a shameless liar - He and all Republicans are now making a game...