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    I am working on my first book now. I know that generating interest in the book is important early on, and I am wondering what others have done to make this happen? I have been given the advice to look into a dedicated website, but outside of that what ways did you get your name out there?
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  • I can identify with everything on this post - I resisted blogging because I thought it would interfere with my fiction writing, but I've fallen in love with the sense...
  • Crack me up! I'd love to interview you. Congrats on book. What is your email address? Linda Lou said: Hi, Sharni-- I'm probably not exactly what you're looking for, b...


  • Good question, Nina. My experience has always been that sales figures during the in we're now seeing some books (e.g. Eat, Pray, Love) sell moderately in hardcover and then e...
  • Monette, join us next time! This group is generating a lot of encouragement and specific strategies.
  • Hi, Emily. Thanks for your post. I highly recommend adding the barcode to any book with an ISBN. It's not just bookstores that require a barcode. You'll need one to se...