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  • Started by Amy Jo Sprague
    ...ed laundry from the Good Will.   I see her always moving, and I was a part of that motion, that current, that music like water. I used to find my gravity in her eyes   not this woman...
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  • Amen to that. I chastise myself every morning and remind myself of the gravity the need to write, my raison d'etre.
  • ...ay it wears none of the blooms that are it's namesake - the scarlet locust - the spiny maroon branches of this tree, still in its infancy, bow to gravity; draped in a lace made of tho...


  • Sometimes writing involves a lot of support: a routine, a fixed goal, following an idea that has haunted us for years, the people who believe in us; sometimes is just saying what comes from your chest, the messy «aaah» of relief vs. gravity. Bra straps are a great metaphor. :)