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    Being Latina is not for the faint of heart. It takes more than a coke and a smile to emerge from a Latina family. Latinas come in all shapes, sizes and colors. We are...
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  • Lol. What I wear out I tend to wear at home no matter if I'm going out or not. If I plan to leave my comfort zone (i.e go further than the corner shop) I will brush my...
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    I would like to submit my personal essay (non-fiction)for a Narrative contest this evening. I am grateful for any feedback received. Millisecond Moment, Infinite Wisd...
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    A New Weekly Post for my Family Friendly Blog: This Historical Romance Reflects the Mood of the Roaring Twenties. The “Roaring Twenties” was a time of great change, w...
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  • I think what is also quite clear is that women who succeed professionally--especially.... "let herself go") and had no-nonsense hair.  Now that she is in pre-campaign mode, her hair is always perfectly...
  • I would, coward that I am, leave the hair talk out of the situation. If you get into phrasing, quotation marks, etc. you run the risk of overemphasizing. [BTW, these...
  • Wow! How did you know what my day was like? From my sister to my two dearest friends I was pelted with "why don't yous" and "you shoulds". No one considered what choic...