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    Here's the scoop on The Next Big Thing. It's basically a chain of author's blogs...seems harmless, doesn't take much time...might get us all a bit more exposure for our new or recent p...
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  • Started by Brittany Weddle
    ...roll of the dice, the turn of a card or a chance meeting that changes one’s life forever. For Josh Campbell and Morgan Conely it was a seemingly harmless chain of events. The finding...
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  • LOVE your description; but you look so lovely and harmless in your pic!  


  • Kevin Camp commented on her article Dry Drunk (An Excerpt) control of one's drinking really is. But then again, we're all unreliable narrators with ourselves from time to time, even if it's relatively harmless. That's something I've sought...
  • Summer Wood commented on her article April Fools!
    You all are so great. Thanks for writing. Tania, your tarantula reminds me of the fall, when all those big hairy black (and harmless, truly) beauties cross the highway to head to the g...