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    .... The period of the videos should be short so that the person will not be bored after watching them. 3. Tag words and hashtags - There can be tagging of the words and hashtags at the videos for the benefit...
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  • I'd recommend downloading the free version of Hootsuite and using it to listen to conversations until you find people and hashtags you think are interesting and might enjoy your conten...
  • Today's blog post is about Twitter Hashtags. And not just any hashtags but hashtags writers should follow and why:    


  • I feel like Instagram has become more and more like facebook in that posts are not well viewed no matter how many hashtags one places on them. It's become a big corporate sales pitch. Not Indie author friendly at all IMO. So, I have to disagree with the optimism of this article. Sorry. :P
  • ...irectly which is great. Another thought. If you are an active blogger or Pinterest-er (and to a lesser extent, a Instagrammer or Tweeter) and use hashtags and labels and key words in t...
  • Thank you for the quick tutorial, I need all the help I can get!  However, when I click on #hashtags "check out this post" it directs me to your LinkedIn blog.  The use of #hashtags for me is the most confusing thing about twitter!