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    When it comes to buying weed, users have more options to shop online than the local di...are comfortable with, and they enjoy doing because they won’t make use of any mode of transportation. Additio...
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  • Salad dressing. I always need to know how or why things work or don't work. This is an interesting article about vinegar.
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    I have been inspired by the two links members posted below in the comments. I read the...creative endeavors, and this helps me see why. So what do you think? In which mode do you feel most creative? Do...
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    Are You Ready to Become an ‘Authorpreneur’in the New Year? A new year, new projects to complete and just maybe one of your new projects is publishing your own books...
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    An important story on the front page of today’s Denver Post is about our city’s “housing first” model that gets roofs over the hea...
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  • Thank you all! Pamela, a publisher did offer to publish I Don't Do Men, but I later I needed to write- but not one I wanted to publish. I was still in victim mode when I wrote it! Mad at healt...
  • Angela, I agree with Doreen that this is a powerful post. Thank you for being brave and honest enough to share these words and thoughts. Your writing is marvelous. I wish you happiness and health and look forward to following your blog.
  • Mental Health Week is the focus for this week in Canada. Posted about it at my blog PM27's Blog; also, shared with SheWrites group of Writers in Canada. This topic inv...