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  • How can I make this better, ya'll.... thanks so very much. The nurse left work at five o’clock. She signed the order on Mr. Finn’s chart, signed her name on the compu...
  • absolutely, mariana! bananas and chocolate... perfect. i'm glad someone is with me:) don't worry... after i'm done eating, i'll write about it. food is a running theme in my book so really, this can be considered work.
  • In the summer of 1968, my parents sold our home ranch out on the south fork of the Milk River, and bought another place nearer to town. There were myriad challenges. B...
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    Living the Dream; Eating on the Cheap. #FoodFic from author Laurie Boris:
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    #FoodFic: Eating or becoming it?
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    The food of the future? Bugs! Read about my gustatory adventure with insects:


  • Writing before bedtime is good, especially when I stop myself while the flow is going. I leave myself a few breadcrumbs to know where to pick up the next day, and the...
  • This is especially true once it comes to eating dinner out. When ever you have to be a...fat free yogurt can most help stop and in many cases change a large number of modern day ailments such since hyp...
  • I read recently of a study by the Work-Life poligcy that the average woman works nine hours more each week than in 2004. It is not just more time logging hours at the...