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  • Hi Kim, I am currently residing in Montgomery, Alabama. My friends that I left in DC call it my "Southern Walden." After many more years then I want to recount, I retired and left my "Urban Walden" for calmer surroundings.( I was born in Dallas, Texas.)
  • At my church, we'll be participating in a corporate fast for Lent -- no meats or sweets, that includes fast food, artificial sweeteners, etc.  I don't think that will...
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    Hi Tosh, and all, What a great topic. And I too think I can write a thesis on this subject. I can't count the number of times I nodded in agreement with a sentiment he...


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    Did you know that pet-parents live healthier and happier lives? Read my latest article in this wonderful magazine, Kalon Women Read my latest in Kalon Women Magazine,
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    Window of Tolerance During these uncertain and frightening times, I do a lot of wondering about just how all of us put up with cruelty, racism, random fear, greed...


  • I managed to read one of the seven chapters I have to study for class and then looked over my notes and realized why trying to study when you have a fever is never a g...
  • I think what inspires me to write is my surroundings.
  • Take a nap. Go for a walk. Meditate. Do something else. Sometimes a change in surroundings will change the inner landscape. Just my two cents. Mostly, KNOW this is temporary. Much love, Ilie :)