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    Hi All, Sara suggested I put this question to the group.  Like many of you, apparentl...s, "Santa, Won't You Bring Me a Valentine?"   It's kind of in the "santa baby" mode. Wouldn't you know it - it ac...
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  • Hello everyone. I am not sure if I ever introduced myself. I was born and raised in South Texas, way south, pretty much at the tip. I did recently move to Illinois for...
  • Wow, things have been busy here! I took a few weeks off with the holidays last month. It's nice to meet all of you; Laura and Georgia! I know Lisa from the Query Criti...


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    Hi all...I just thought I'd drop by and say MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to everyone. I am finishing writing my 28th novel (Dinosaur Lake V: Survivors) and tryin...
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    Every year, at various points, I find myself asking this question of my classes and myself: "What does it mean to have integrity?" And an answer invariably comes, pr...
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    Bread In The Wilderness Incorporated a Non-Profit Organization in the Dallas Texas area is seeking Donations at for toys, computer ta...


  • Hi Martha, thanks so much for your comment and for liking my post. The weather was great here (U.K.) for about a week but now school holidays have started it's turned grey!
  • I'm on my lunch so can't stay long in one spot (if you catch my drift), however, I converted this post to PDF and will read it when I get time.  Thanks for the additional information and happy holidays!
  • Happy holidays to you and your family. What a wonderful article; thanks for sharing a few of your childhood memories and a bit of your current family life. This year, I'm celebrating by making homemade bread and cookies for loved ones, and, of course, thanking God for His love and kindness.