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  • Hi Candy!  I think this book sounds like a lot of fun, and your pitch is in pretty good shape!  If you decide to go "wider" with it (i.e. to pitch it to more tradition...
  • Oh, Carolyn, Dr. Welch is well-known in the antique rose world here in Texas. He's a horticulture professor, a published author, and he was one of the original TRR. The two presses I'm focusing on, both know him very well. They've both published his books, the latest came out in March 2011.


  • "You can lead a horticulture, but you can't make her think." Dorothy Parker.
  • Thanks for this. It took me years (after probably 8 years of working as a gardener) to realize my brand is about horticulture! I've written a literary thriller about a...