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  • Since the main character/narrator, Rosalind, in my book relies on stories from her pas...oed in my head as I wrote, its lovely Southern lilt lulling me into a creative mode just as surely as opera.  Bec...
  • Housework is first to go, quickly followed by watching over the dinner (writing mode equals burnt dinners in my house), with Very Bad Parenting running close behind. Oh life is so much easier when I'm writing! Nothing really matters then except the next word falling on the page!
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    This is what I don't understand. How does one become a writer? And when do you bec...leave in due time. If that doesn't work, try the toilet, or in French, ca'mode. Toilet or Ca'mode means to refresh the body, wh...
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  • Lauren de Bussac posted a reply
    Hi Irene, thank you for reaching out and connecting with me! I would love to stay in touch! Finding others and starting a group sounds good to me too! Do you mind...
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    Comics, puppetry, poetry! Join @MuthaMagazine and @PenParentis for a House of Lit Party, Governor's Island, July 8. I'll be hosting a children's poetry workshop, so please stop by especially between 1:00 and 2:30:
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    Deconstructing Dark Romance, (Exploring the darker side of human nature in fiction) What is dark romance? That was a question I was asked recently. For me as a...


  • Yeeeees, thank you for sharing! You state things so clearly that I can really nod too,...t my instincts as a paid writer (which have been set to "panic and desperation mode" for a few months) have been...
  • Thank you for your insight. As a currently unpublished author about to move into publishing mode on my first completed manuscr...
  • Thanks for sharing such in-depth info on Author House and the differences between self-pub options.