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    Hi There Fellow Writers, I have just put together a crowdfu...ept. Many argue that this is better than a flexible model and I decided to go with fix...the perks. That's why I decided to go for a 'mixed model' in the end that I had seen...
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  • It would be easier to help if we knew what it's about... Generally, it comes down to knowing your market. Who would be interested in the information you have to provi...
  • Hi Everyone - I'm new to She-Writes - my professor actually introduced me to it. I'm in a magazine writing class and we have to write a article to pitch to a magazine...
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    Yes, I can't post an article. Did you find a solution?
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  • Woke up this morning with the solution to a problem in my other novel clear in my mind so will be working on that today. Then hope to get 1500 words of new novel written.
  • "You know what it feels like to try to make a fist when your hand is asleep?" Yes! I just went through a major phase (seemed like forever) of that. And only now realiz...
  • My solution to this issue is to just pound my forehead on my keyboard. Words that I think are 1 word - editor makes 2 words.  Words I think are 2 words - editor makes...