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  • That sounds great, what is the name of your book? I’d like one that goes along with the current mode of tiny habits, small things one can do daily to make a difference. Of course, I want the big ideas, too, but it feels overwhelming at times.
  • I read a book. I keep a sheet of paper nearby and when my brain is in read mode, I get ideas about what to write....
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    This is what I don't understand. How does one become a writer? And when do you bec...leave in due time. If that doesn't work, try the toilet, or in French, ca'mode. Toilet or Ca'mode means to refresh the body, wh...
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    I changed my email address a couple of years ago. Now I cannot log in here with my correct email because this edit function does not allow me to change/edit my email a...
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    Deconstructing Dark Romance, (Exploring the darker side of human nature in fiction) What is dark romance? That was a question I was asked recently. For me as a...
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    Need ideas on how to market your newly published book? Check out my latest article, hope it helps.


  • I believe that part of the problem lies in the perception of the issue as a "block." I...ur subconscious, which happens more easily when the brain is in a more relaxed mode.
  • I remember how excited I was to talk cover with my editor. I had a million ideas in my head and she was sweet enough to let me share them. And my first cover conveyed...
  • This is the first time I've seen these ideas spelled out so simply and in a way that reinforces the concept of sharing first. The quiz is a good reinforcer! I'm new to She Writes and this is the first place I stopped as I began to explore today. Thanks.