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  • Hello novelists. I'm excited to tell you that my debut YA novel, Tree Magic, is being published by Impress Books' Watchword imprint on 9th January. Here's a blurb: *** Thirteen-year-...
  • Here's how to impress your 16-year-old daughter, moms:
  • I hope we cross paths in October then, Dylan! Don't understand Amazon algorithm, even though I'm trying my best to impress it. And how do you even get a review, good or bad, on IndieReader?!


  • ...s Reviews et al? Do those reviews influence them at all? These places hold a lot of weight in industry circles and with some readers, but do they impress your readers? There are lots...
  • Actually all you have to do is watch girls who go to all girls school (i.e. my daughter) to know  that they're really trying to impress each other, not the boys. 
  • ...time. It's a bit frustrating when a good one comes just as I'm falling asleep, but long experience has taught me that no matter how hard I try to impress it in my mind, it's almost ce...