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  • Wow! Really impressed with your post on "Stakes". Very useful! You now have a new subscriber in me :-) My own blog is less focused on craft and ranges fairly far afield, but if you'd like to check it out you can find it at cheers! - Jan
  • Last reply by Amanda Valerie Judd I sent them my press release YESTERDAY!  Needless to say, I am very impressed with their turnaround time!!!  And please with the article.  THANK YOU, Prince William Living magazine!
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  • ...nd Linda Joy Meyer's great four week course on memoir writing. I've read Eat Love Pray and may be the only person on the planet who is not super impressed. Likewise for Wild so I may b...


  • I'm impressed with your energy - will be following you. My desire to hold a contest is still bubbling. :) BTW Are you a part of the WIP? Looks fantastic. I checked it out online and joined
  • I'm impressed with the work you've put in. I too am retired and for me it has been a more gradual process that I'm now delving into full time. I've used some of the sites...
  • ...a writing group in 2012. At first, I wrote only short pieces (half a page). Today I am writing up to two pages. My tutor and fellow writers are impressed with what I can achieve today...