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  • I don't have an MFA. My bachelor's degree is in journalism and my master's degree is comes to fiction writing, I think the school of life is as important as any mode of formal education. That sai...
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    Hi everyone! can anybody recommend a good online creative writing course or Diploma, cause i need to improve my writing skills and be more professional. My problem is that i don´t find any courses here as i live in Munich. please help me if you can. Thank you so much :)
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  • Thank you Emma and Anna. I read Gutkind's definition yesterday and as I work on an essay today, I struggle with naturally moving into a narrative style.   I seem to de...


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    Wrote my first article today title 'How I Improved my Writing in Less than a Year'. I actually just started writing for leisure some months ago. Prior to that, I wasn'...
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    Business owners, bloggers and other people, who need to attract as many customers as they can, should probably think about the possibility to increase their popularity...
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    Hi. I am glad to be here to learn and improve my writing skills. I also love to read and write poetry. I have one son and daughter.


  • Wow, thanks so much to the She Writes community! Congrats to Kathryn, Helene, Sarah, and Melanie (and me - hee!) And a rousing cheer filled with encouragement for ever...
  • Wow. Thank you so much, Julie! Two of my favorites is a quote by Julia Cameron in "The Artist's Way": ~ Anything is worth doing badly at first; & You can do anythi...
  • Hello, Caitlyn!  The open submission call inspired me to post "5 Ways to Immediately Improve Your Writing" based on my book, How to Write with Flair.  Enjoy! Heather Holleman, Ph.D.