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  • Yes yes yes!!!  This is a huge improvement. Huge.  And the paragraph that Carolyn has tidied up above really seals the deal. You are almost there, and I know you'll get requests.
  • Hello fellow writers and Tweeters, I'm a New York-based Australian who has published one memoir, The Young Widow's Book of Home Improvement, and is wrestling with a se...
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    Now that I know there are others on SheWrites who blog on Wordpress, can you put up a link so we can come and visit if its a public blog?   Mine is http://clairemca.wo...
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  • Nicola West posted a status
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  • Catherine Hiller: Thanks for your comment. I consider the writing teacher's ability to offer suggestions for improvement as part of her toolbox, though I didn't say so, and it’s certainly worth mentioning! Thanks for clarifying that essential trait!
  • Thank you for the comments, folks :) So far, the likes of the lending feature can be opted out of depending what scheme you want to use with Amazon (see a previous pos...
  • For one-on-one coaching, writers generally work with me. Our other instructors teach some of our classes but I do also. As a judge for several prominent screenwriting...