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  • Started by Sandi Johnson
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    Aside from the usual distractions - raising kids, work writing, running a farm - I've found that if/when there's a guy "of interest" in my life, it affects my writing....
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  • Really truly :).  The technology that we had for it just wasn't possible to continue, but we definitely have book-sharing as an important feature on the future wishlist.  We're continuing to make improvements all the time based on your feedback, so thanks for letting us know you miss the bookshelf!
  • Started by Regina Y. Swint
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    I just completed my first author interview, since returning from deployment, for The Other Side of 30.  It's posted today on a friend's blog, Writing Commando.  She's...
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  • I'm in exactly the same position and am just about to go with Smashwords. I think self publishing is the way forward these days particularly ebooks. You might also wan...
  • Electric shocks.  Lighting bolts.  What electrifies me usually has the impact of the aforementioned, rather than a sensitive, gentle experience of being lit.   So what...
  • Thank you Lacey. I'm so glad you don't mind working on later drafts. I'm the same way. If we can make improvements the time is well worth it. All best with your writing work.