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    ...known as impulse control disorders (ICDs). Impulsive disorders in children with AD...racterized by impulsivity and hyperactivity. Impulsive behaviors may be seen in chil...there are more ways to live life than being impulsive all the time....
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  • ...on't need them to start or keep going, at least for the first draft. That comes from within. Because I do something else for a living, I can be impulsive and self-serving about writin...


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    ...atoes from an earlier meal into Pillsbury dough, transforming them into samosas to be snacked on while chatting. And I loved Himanee’s father’s impulsive hospitality when he meets a y...


  • Ludinca- Yeahhhh, kinda wish I hadn't been so impulsive, but really, my offspring would have been horrified! I like the idea of using material from your own discoveries to help create fictional characters-- that's great!