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    For inclusion in an essay, would some of you please share with me single sentence advice your mother gave you about marriage? Thanks.
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  • ...prospect of anything I write being considered 'literary fiction' but nevertheless, maybe I should think more along those lines. I appreciate the inclusion. Here's me in a nutshell: I'm...
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    ...d, and agrees that copyright registration may be secured and held in the name of xxxx publisher."   Maybe it's because I'm not being paid for my inclusion in the anthology but I though...
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  • Colleen Green posted a status
    By day, I write technical reports and proposals for my firm on the glamorous topic of US foreign assistance, financial inclusion, economic growth, poverty reduction and a host of other...


  • ...I never intended to do anything with it, but, at the request of Rita Golden Gelman (Tales of a Female Nomad), I submitted it to Random House for inclusion in Rita's follow-up book, Fem...
  • ...his post! I just received some encouraging feedback for the dream sequence in my upcoming novel. I'd been obsessing about it's relevance and the inclusion of a dream in a genre that do...
  • I, too, am THRILLED to have an excerpt from my memoir, Breathe, chosen for inclusion in this fabulous anthology! And, on top of that, Breathe is forthcoming in May from SWPress, as is...