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    ...devotion. One way to take your bouquet to the next level is to look into the history...
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    ...t to break down. With so much else to worry about, how can you rationalize spending...
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    As a freelance writer, should you incorporate your writing business, blog and/or website?  
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  • To Karen... To get an ISBN you could put almost any series of letters and numbers in the company name spot. HOWEVER, to be taken seriously as a publisher, you'll nee...
  • Thank you so much for the detailed feedback.   Back to the drawing (writing) board, and I'll see if I can incorporate your feedback.  I really appreciate the templates provided as well.  That helps, a lot.


  • Thanks for sharing these tips, Carleen! I bombed at my first reading a few months ago -- couldn't stop sweating, people kept telling me I needed to speak into the mic,...
  • LOL, I've experienced some of those fears, but the writing is now more important. I'm writing a memoir, so fear number four is prime - for I am sharing my history of a...
  • Thank you for this post! It is just what I needed at this time. Yesterday I was working on a scene, and was trying to incorporate the five senses. It just wasn't turni...