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  • Thank you both, for the initial discussion post and the first reply. I'm amazed that I...because one of us is working on one. The epistle--the letter--is a historical mode now, isn't it? I recommend A...
  • Started by Diana Harris
    Last reply by Beatrice Watson
    For the past year, I've been refining the pitch for my historical fiction trilogy "Women Absent Their Men" and sending it to literary agents...all to no avail. I heard...
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  • Started by Ruth Feiertag
    Last reply by Lauren Hammond
    I see this group has been quiet for a while. I'm wondering if there are others on the list who work for or with small or independent presses, not (only) as authors, but as editors or marketers or interns? Ruth
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    A Trilogy with Romance and Suspense Book Giveaway until Sept 14th: The Winner will have a choice of an E-BOOK or an AUDIOBOOK from Audible. Chivalry, Romance, and Adve...
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    Audiobook Trilogy with Mystery and Romance This Historical Romance has a mixture of adventure and intrigue. Each book, set in the late 1700s, is a love story about a...
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    The Roaring Twenties - A Time of Change and Independence! The “Roaring Twenties” was a new decade of independent women, when they raised their hemlines and bobbed thei...