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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    When it comes to buying weed, users have more options to shop online than the local di...are comfortable with, and they enjoy doing because they won’t make use of any mode of transportation. Additio...
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  • Oh how funny--you're on vacation and you're doing all this research! No wonder your hu...s platform. :) Now shut off your computer and go out there and get in VACATION mode!!
  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    Do you want to make the process of shopping easier for you?...their behavior with bank good.  Most accepted mode Yes, without any doubt, a credit card is the most accepted mode on any online website. If you...
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  • Sonja Benskin Mesher posted a reply
    Hello Kristin and thanks. I really like the site, however the making friends button did not work for me yesterday. Will try again. x Sonja
  • Kristin Bustamante posted a message for Janine Kovac
    Hi Janine! Thanks so much for being part of and checking out the new site! I hope you love it as much as we do. Feel free to let me know about any issues you experience! -Kristin Bustamante Community Manager
  • Krista Fulbright posted a status
    Hello everyone. I am so glad I found this site. I am excited to build relationships with other women writers who will help influence my creativity and help me develop as a writer. It is my hope that I will one day be able to influence and help you in equal measure!


  • I totally understand your frustration with social media. I just braved the social...rin advised me, you have to shift hats as a writer, shifting from creative mode to business mode. My main apprehension is maki...
  • Quick comments concerning questions #3 and #4. Number 3 -...Writers. All writers need to have a mentor, a role model and an advocate. The three a...d others times we learn. Often when in the teaching mode, we learn. When in the learni...
  • Honey Baby, I am so excited for you! And proud. I can't wait to read your novel---your readers await! My apologies for not being active. My book is finally about to be...