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  • I couldn't find a follower button on the page, and being lazy and slightly moronic about computers and such, I went up to the small link "Followers" and clicked that....
  • I appreciate the follow-up, Kamy. I've given up trying to figure out the vagaries of spam filters. I don't know how emails advertising male enhancement products keep finding me but legit correspondence disappears into the ether. . . . :-D Anyway, thanks again.
  • Stove-top tub baths, no indoor plumbing.


  • Yeah, I have a friend who has 58 indoor cats. Yikes! How many litterboxes does that make?????
  • ....This must have been the conversation piece this season I was just discussing how much I enjoy reading to a couple of my girls. More of them were over the "I love t...
  • I have to laugh at this blog post as it seems to be a case (for me) of: "When the student is read here that my characters following Miss Manners's advice and always using their "ind...