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  • Hi! So excited to be part of this group! =D My Website is Info on my YA book: I...
  • My blog is for our small press, "Fat Daddy's Farm" at and I use it to keep people up to date about the progress on the anthology I am...
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  • Hi Melanie, The way I follow Wordpress in my blog roll is by copy and paste of the link into the blog roll section of blogger. It doesn't show that you are a follower...


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    [url=]ingrandire il pene[/url]


  • Hi Deborah...I think the embed code is listed under the URL code; look in the gray info box on the upper right here, on the YouTube page:
  • Thanks Kamy, for this excellent post. As another example of how co-operation on a book can work, I'd like to share my own experience with Gaza: Beneath the Bombs, publ...
  • I really liked this article because it made me reflect on my own participation in She Writes. I am a very active social media user, I have several twitter accounts, fo...