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  • Hi! So excited to be part of this group! =D My Website is Info on my YA book: I...
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    Some of our members write for film and television as a career and some are just starting to learn to think like a screenwriter. Perhaps we can share our knowledge with...
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  • Started by Robin Kemp
    I thought it might be helpful, especially for us poets, to share information about getting funding for community workshops. Naturally, the first place to look for help...
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  • There is so much information out there at the tip of your google, :-) that anything you are not sure of, info to help navigate can be found. I have had the self publis...
  • Fantastic info, Jan! When I get around to pubbing a paperback of my ebook, I'll definitely go back to this bookmarked post!
  • Thanks, Maureen! It's info gleaned from eight years of being a publisher. :)