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  • Hi! So excited to be part of this group! =D My Website is Info on my YA book: I...
  • This is such an important point. Accuracy in data has to include language! I find this...language) as it varies tremendously from one country to another in accent and mode of expression. Have we connec...
  • I'm just learning about the e-market. I did not sell the e-rights of INTO THE WILDERNESS to my publisher (White River Press), and from what I'm learning, I could publi...


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  • Emily, Thanks for sharing the list. I'm familiar with some of the items on it, but not with many others.  In general, I've found the Poets & Writers ( lists useful. I'm starting to compile a list and hope to organize it by year's end. Will share whatever info. I have gathered by then.
  • Hi Kristen/Eden, Thanks for sharing the info. Would love to submit a piece. Can the submissions be a chapter from an unpublished WIP book (and would that cause problems later with future publishers? Thanks in advance for your response.
  • I'm in the group like your writer friend who moaned about not getting it! I am learning, but I don't yet feel satisfied with Twitter. For example, a person tweeted thi...