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    I would like to hear from anyone who would like to participate in this discussion. Everyone's answer is well appreciated and received no matter your credentials.I cons...
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    Away From the Kitchen by Dawn Blume Hawkes provides a new breed of exploration to the chef-obsessed revolution with a glimpse into the joys and pressures of a chef’s l...
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    Smooth and healthy skin is something that everybody needs to have or have. It is something that promotes the magnificence and character of a person. Everybody does way...
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  • Karen A Szklany posted a status
    It's a good time of year for making garden veggie omelets, with most of the ingredients available fresh from a garden or farm stand. Here's a recipe article published today that offers a recipe for such an omelet:
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    In her Pioneer Girl, novelist Bich Minh Nguyen offers us Lee, a protagonist who is both a thief and a literary sleuth. The morally complex detectives of the best myste...


  • Whether a person is married, and how they have or have not maintained the state of their marriage provide important indicators of one's ability to hold dear and value...
  • Caroline,   Thank you for adding these twobooks.  I have Bird by Bird and I will get a copy of the Art of the Novelist.  As for people who write on how to create the b...
  • Hi Brooke and other commenters, I've been reading Poets and Writers which also has a piece this month about the quieter messy memoir that puts the stuff out there in a...