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  • Started by Julie Ryan McGue
    ...ty, and loneliness can invade the joy we want to be feeling during this special time of year. For many adoptees, the loss and rejection that is inherent in adoption surfaces during t...
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  • Started by Susan Nire
    I recently posted a comment on Sophie Schiller's blog "The 5 essential elements of every good story" where I surmised that the inherent tension between the need for disciplined structu...
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  • .... I think this advice is the pinnacle of what to strive for. It isn't necessary the most practical piece of advice, but I don't think there's any inherent flaw in it. I think demands a...


  • Congratulations, Jennifer! Your essay conveys the extraordinary perseverance and commitment inherent in this road to publishing. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story!
  • Cate, a lovely comment. We are indeed blessed when we can "recapture that inherent contentment and mindfulness children experience."
  • ...'t think it's discrimination. I think it's about economics and it's about time. I'm an indie writer and I'll be the first to say that there is no inherent quality control with indie bo...