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    ...d on gardening. In a couple of months it is a good idea that you give a intensive attention to make sure that there is no termite infestation and insects that may lead or cause to the...
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  • ... How could anyone live in a world without music!  That is one of the things that elevates us as a species and sets us apart.  No other animals or insects create art except humans.   G...
  • Obstacles, good point, Stacey! Like squirrels, deer, insects...


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    The food of the future? Bugs! Read about my gustatory adventure with insects:


  • ...olish free short nails. 6. I like to get to the point when I speak. 7. Have most of my body hair. 8. It is fun to cut the grass. 9. Interested in insects. 10. Can shoot a gun. 11. Lov...