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  • Started by Jenny Steffan
    As far as installing HVAC thermostats is concerned, the larger the system is doesn’t always mean the better it is. To be honest, some systems that are too large for a...
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  • Started by Elissa Bassist
    By Kathryn Higgins "Installation #3: The agony of our corporeal selves: I fart in front of my fourth-grade class." Read about the other installations:
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  • Started by Kamy Wicoff
    Last reply by MT Bostick
    Unexplained blackouts and memory losses have plagued 17-year-old Thorne for weeks, but wild Internet rumors about alien influences don’t add up any better than his med...
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  • @Renate, Oh yes, I hadn't read this post when I responded to #44 but indeed, we are of one mind. I forgot to mention that I, after listening almost non-stop to Stein w...
  • Below is an excerpt of the video installation that Teish is, as she mentioned, another approach entirely to the use of the morphing software....It was...
  • I'm a native to the San Francisco Bay Area. Before moving to the city to study art, I spent time there as a child visiting with the Italian side of my family once a mo...