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  • Aha! This sounds a lot like what I was hoping for in the fiction discussion. But I hope folks come on over here and chat about ways to reach and retain blog readership...
  • Where near DC are you located, Leanne?  I have lived in Maryland over 30 years [nearly ten near Burtonsville, fifteen in Columbia and over four in Essex, southeast of Baltimore].  I rarely get down to DC but love to instant message/email/phone chat.  What ever would suit you.
  • Great! I created a survey so we could schedule the chat: Please fill it out so we can get something going. =) PEACE, Shay


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    Marcia Clarke posted a status
    Daily Talk Johnathan: Hi Sealy great day out in the park. I thought it would be much cooler but I can accept this. Sealy: It sure is. I am super excited to be ou...
  • Carolyn Robinson posted a reply
    When and where is the retreat? That sounds like something I would love to go to...even though I don't know anyone! I'd love to sit and chat with you!
  • Gayle Pruitt posted a message for Jane B. Moore
    Hi Jane, I'm wanting to write a cozy mystery. I have an idea, but don't really know how go about it... I normally write Cookbooks. My agent says to stick with cookbooks, but NO... I want a little fiction and mystery in my life. Would like to chat with other mystery writers.


  • Oh, dear. I don’t want to flog a dead horse, but Julie, I do want to offer my apologies. I promise I read your and Jenne’s posts quite carefully and that my comment wa...
  • Thanks for all the feedback and participation on this project. If you haven't looked through the comments here, do that because there are some links and some good tidb...
  • Great post, Liz! Rock on! And now I'm off to make sure I've done the following:  friend you on SW, drop by your blog, visit and like you on FB, chat and follow you on...