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    For me, it's about girl power 365 a year and during March m...promises Nazia's marriage prospects. The setting is modern Pakistan. Ultimately, recommend reading this and Wanting Mor. Both are modern stories with young girls wh...
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  • The opening sentence is striking, just needs a tweek to take out the passive voice, and you might be able to use a better verb than infused, and as a first paragraph,...
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    The music industry's future, which is rich in variety, creativity, and inclusiveness, is feasible. Women have traditionally shone as performers on the music indus...
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  • Thanks, Dawn. Do publishers such as Harper Collins have any thoughts around influencing things shelving or getting the books into the hands of nonblack readers? I get the impression COS will have a largely black audience.
  • Given the sales of memoirs it's clear that readers love good stories that are well-written. The perception of memoir revulsion may spring in part from the current anti...
  • I read this book as a teenager and it made a big impression on me, too. I lived all over the world as a child/teen, and I never thought anyone was any less or more than anyone else -- and I thought everyone felt that way too! This book gave me hope, too.