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    ...t, one of your core talents is being able to subsume the mind of the client/author and write, not just with their voice, but with their unspoken intention. As such, any sample you prov...
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  • ...oating around. I commit on a weekly basis to a certain goal - during a rough draft it might be words per day, or words per week. Often, I set an intention for a certain number of writi...
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    .... Like mother, like daughter.    So when Anna agrees to let her best friend Dan film her clandestine search for answers, she does so without any intention of the footage airing anywher...
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    I'm currently seeking best paths to publishing my book Finding the Gift: A Memoir of Rape, Intention and Miracles. One in five women will be raped in her lifetime. Individually and as...


  • pushing us into a man-made isolation. It's also unfortunately become a vehicle for hatred and conflict, though I'm certain this was never the intention. As always, it comes down to...
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    Im new here as well and have the same intention as you. I want to write, finish, and publish a book and I am looking to connect with other writers in the hopes of growing and giving and gaining feedback.
  • ... Get your information from various sources so that at least you can get closer to truth.  Political correctness camouflages some of reality. My intention was not to engage in a politi...